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Unveiling our new brand identity

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How it all began

In 2022, Senken embarked on a mission to address the shortcomings of the voluntary carbon market, recognising its broken state. The journey began during a cross-continental expedition through Africa, where our CEO, Adrian Wons, observed a disheartening reality: a mere fraction—10% to 20%—of the funds intended for carbon projects were reaching their destination. The root cause? A tangled web of opacity and inadequate infrastructure funnelling funds through intermediaries.

Our idea was to leverage blockchain technology to bring transparency, traceability, and trust to climate projects. So we started developing a platform that connects climate project developers with buyers of carbon credits in one central interface, employing blockchain technology as an incorruptible ledger to record carbon transactions.

Fast-forward a year, and we've transformed our vision into reality.

The foundation of our technology is laid, propelling us into the next phase: enlisting pioneering climate project developers and helping corporations in fulfilling their sustainability commitments. We felt this was the perfect moment to breathe new life into our brand identity. 

Unveiling our new brand

Senken is the trusted and transparent connection between global capital and meaningful climate action.

We offer climate assets at scale needed for corporate commitments, supported by leading technology and an ecosystem of partners.

Even for those familiar with the space, climate finance can feel like a black box. We believe in making the process more transparent, our actions more accessible, and our impact more tangible in the process.

We're excited to introduce a new visual identity today, a new logo, a lively colour palette, updated fonts, data visuals, and captivating photography.

Logo and mark

Our logo is inspired by our brand beliefs—transparency, credibility, impact, collaboration and community. 

These beliefs are represented through a ripple effect that expresses the impact and scale of any action, while also emphasising the interconnectivity of the world. 

The letterforms of the wordmark are friendly, and pair seamlessly with the organic shapes in our symbol.

Senken logo variations

Colour palette

For our colour palette, we drew inspiration from The Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree.

The colours of the Rainbow Eucalyptus appear as the brownish-gray outer bark peels away each year. The bright green inner bark then turns blue, purple, orange and maroon as it matures. 

These fast-growing trees are common on tree plantations around the Northern hemisphere. The cyclical nature of the bark shedding is representative of our continued impact and dedication to regeneration.

The Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree
Senken Colour palette


Our style of photography takes inspiration from the human and personal elements of our personality and shows not just human beings, but also their impact on their environment. We have four groupings of photography—Climate, People, Animal and Marine. The unifying element of each image is its ability to tell a story larger than itself. 

We use the positive Power of 10 to inspire image selection, scale, and composition. The power of 10 reflects our brand positioning—showing connection, scale and ecosystems and the idea of a ripple effect of change.

Senken photography
Power of 10 image selection

Noteworthy mentions

We want to thank the talented team at the Butchershop agency whose creative brilliance crafted our comprehensive brand identity. Special recognition is due to Rocio Delgado, Britt Hull, Rafael Velázquez, and Chandler Oseland for their exceptional work and seamless collaboration.

Setting the stage for what's ahead

Our company's key belief is that we're helping to shape the future we want. Introducing our new brand identity today, we're excited about the strong start we're making now, which will carry us into the future. Get ready for an exciting journey ahead.

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