Smallholder farmers produce 75% of the world’s food. Often living and farming on the same land for generations, they have perfected traditional forms of carbon-capture and regenerative farming practices in order to ensure soil health and maintain above-ground ecosystems.

However, smallholder farmers too often go unrecognised for their impact, and due to a lack of infrastructure & technology required to track and verify their carbon impact, they are left out of legacy carbon markets. ReSeed solves this problem, working directly with smallholder farmers to collect, measure, and bring to market the carbon sequestered by their regenerative farms. ReSeed is an end-to-end platform that incentivises farmers to protect and remove carbon. Their unique business partnership with farmers helps combat climate change at scale.

“Small farmers play a leading role in storing carbon and strengthening global food security,” says Vasco van Roosmalen, co-founder and CEO of ReSeed. “ReSeed partners with them, allowing their vital work to continue, while addressing the issues of transparency and accountability that are necessary to ensure a fully functioning carbon market.”

ReSeed’s comprehensive and traceable process to collect, measure, and verify carbon measurements:

1. Mobile Data Collection

Leveraging mobile app technology, ReSeed works directly with smallholder farmers to help them easily map the carbon assets they currently hold and manage — in the form of crop and ecosystem stewardship.

2. Satellite Imagery AI Analysis

Using advanced AI and satellite imagery analysis, ReSeed verifies these existing ecosystem assets and their status every six months.

3. Data Integrity Review

All information is tracked in a proprietary distributed ledger to ensure accuracy, audit ability, and transparency. ReSeed’s data is fresh from the farm and fully traceable.

4. Partnering with Smallholder Farmers

ReSeed partners with farmers around the globe, incentivising the use of regenerative and traditional farming practices through quick and equitable payments once credits are sold.

Our partnership

Senken then brings these carbon credits on-chain and into the marketplace to add a layer of transparency to corporations and investors looking to purchase, trade, and retire carbon credits. By merging cutting-edge technology with smallholder regenerative farming, the carbon credits brought to market have traceability from beginning to end of life cycle.

80% of the funds raised from the sale of these carbon credits are distributed directly to these farmers and their support networks. ReSeed’s credits monetise farmers’ immense global impact and provide revenue and stability towards their future work.

“ReSeed’s approach to funnel capital towards climate action and farmers is both innovative and effective.

Their unique strategy to promote transparency aligns perfectly with Senken’s values, and we are thrilled to offer ReSeed’s carbon credits through our marketplace.

We look forward to working together to drive positive change in the fight against climate change,” says Senken’s CEO, Adrian Wons.

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ReSeed brings carbon credits directly from farmers to the market. We are an end-to-end platform that incentivises farmers to protect and remove carbon. Our unique business partnership with farmers helps combat climate change at scale.

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Senken is the leading marketplace for on-chain carbon credits. Easily purchase, trade and retire carbon credits from verifiable climate projects in a credible and transparent manner.

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