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The world's most trusted carbon marketplace.

Senken offers high-quality carbon credits and strategic guidance for effective emission offsetting.

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Your all-in-one platform for carbon credits

We support you at every step of your journey.

Start with strategy planning

Plan Strategy

Utilize our Net Zero Planner to design a robust offsetting strategy, set clear goals, and align with industry standards.

Net Zero Planner by Senken

Offset Footprint

Select and purchase top-tier carbon credits tailored to your company-DNA, with personalised expert guidance.

Carbon credit marketplace by Senken

Manage & Report

Monitor your portfolio in real-time, generate compliance-ready reports (i.e. CSRD), and get actionable insights from our experts.

Carbon credits portfolio manager by Senken

Here is how we can support you

Tailored solutions for your sustainability needs.

Achieve climate neutrality

Set or maintain your climate neutrality goal by offsetting 100% of your emissions. We deliver a standards-proof portfolio for your targets, compatible with ISO 14068 and custom neutrality badges.

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Remove carbon for net zero

Remove unavoidable emissions to meet net zero goals in line with SBTi or other standards. Purchase carbon removals for now or plan for the years ahead.

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Allocate your carbon budget

Invest a portion of your profit into a carbon portfolio. Establish an internal carbon price (money-for-tonne) or allocate a specific budget to purchase top-tier carbon credits.

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Enhanced Weathering carbon credits
Enhanced Weathering
Peatland Restoration carbon credits
Peatland Restoration
Afforestation & Reforestation
Afforestation & Reforestation
Biochar carbon credits
Blue Carbon carbon credits
Blue Carbon

"Senken's expertise has been invaluable in helping successfully evolve our journey to net zero"

Why Senken?

Project Quality

Why Senken

Highest Quality

Only 5% of projects on the market pass our  due diligence, ensuring the top quality.


Quantity over Quality

Others sell unvetted projects, risking greenwashing and missed climate goals.

Risk Management

Why Senken

Buyer Protection

If a project underperforms, we replace your credits for free through our buffer pool.


No Guarantee

If a project fails, you bear the cost of new credits.

Fees and Pricing

Why Senken

Cost Efficient

Our 20% flat fee ensures cost-effective carbon offsetting. Bulk buying saves you 25% on average.


High margins

Others charge 30% fees and don’t lock-in future prices, leading to unexpected costs.


Get step-by-step guidance on your carbon offsetting journey

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