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Senken and Exomad Green announce one of the largest Biochar Carbon Removal Deals to date

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Key takeaways

  • The biochar carbon removal agreement is set for a volume of 81,600 tons CO2. 
  • This partnership aims to boost carbon dioxide removal and represents a significant step toward achieving a net-zero future. 
  • The collaboration not only benefits the climate, but reduces health and fire risks, promotes deforestation mitigation and supports local communities.

About the deal

Berlin, Germany – March 27, 2024 – As the urgency of climate challenges mounts, investments in carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction strategies, particularly biochar projects, are becoming critical to corporate sustainability efforts. Biochar, produced through the thermal decomposition of organic material, offers a promising solution by not only sequestering carbon for centuries and potentially decreasing atmospheric CO2, but also enhancing soil health and agricultural productivity. Senken and Exomad Green are thrilled to announce their offtake agreement for the supply of 81,600 tonnes of biochar carbon removal credits between 2025 and 2028. One of the largest biochar deals in the world. 

This collaboration demonstrates the viability and potential of biochar technology as an effective approach for corporations to achieve their sustainability objectives, showcasing how investments in carbon removal technologies can yield significant environmental and social benefits. With the operation based in Concepción, Bolivia, Exomad Green's project highlights the multifaceted advantages of biochar, from reducing health and fire risks associated with open burning to enriching agricultural practices in local indigenous communities. 

Each biochar batch at the Green Concepción facility is uniquely identified and meticulously tracked from production to application, ensuring additional transparency related to Carbon Removal delivery. The project will follow compliance with the Puro Standard, a leading carbon removal standard that provides science-based quantification methodologies for durable carbon removal technologies. Additionally, Senken’s robust due diligence process assisted in reducing risk. 

About the partnership

Diego Justiniano, CEO of Exomad Green, commented on the collaboration: “At Exomad Green, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Senken, marking it one of the largest Biochar transactions in history. This deal is a testament to the scalability of Biochar for carbon removal, underscoring not only its efficacy in carbon sequestration but also highlighting its profound social and environmental impact on local communities. This collaboration signifies a pivotal step forward in our commitment to sustainable development and environmental stewardship, reinforcing our dedication to making a positive difference in the world.” 

“This groundbreaking collaboration with Exomad Green is a pivotal moment for Senken, showcasing our dedication to pioneering carbon removal technologies that offer real solutions to global environmental challenges. It's a step forward that embodies our vision for closing the climate funding gap and a brighter future for communities around the world.” says Senken CEO, Adrian Wons. 

The partnership between Senken and Exomad Green represents a significant step toward achieving a net-zero future. By merging carbon removal technology with strict digital tracking and emphasizing the welfare of community and ecosystem preservation, this partnership underscores a united vision for a sustainable and equitable future. 

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