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Senken, DEUTIM team up for German forest preservation

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With climate change at the forefront of people’s minds, climate protection through forests has become a crucial vehicle for companies seeking to contribute to a more sustainable future. In our recent partnership with German environmental firm, DEUTIM, German companies now have the opportunity to participate in the protection of forests on their own soil and contribute towards their sustainability goals.

The current extreme weather events are merely a precursor to even more severe droughts and catastrophes. We are on the brink of witnessing unprecedented disruptions in nature, posing significant challenges to humanity.

According to the Thünen Institute, the German forest faces a daunting future due to climate change. By 2050, approximately one-third, nearly 3 million hectares, will require adaptive forest climate management and conservation strategies. Fortunately, the reforestation and preservation of local forests is currently underway. Local environmental engineering company, DEUTIM, has established numerous forestation projects in regional forests across Germany and because trees absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, these projects are effective mechanisms for removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Through this first project with DEUTIM, businesses can easily support the reforestation and protection of the forest in Rodenbach, on the edge of the Rhein-Westerwald Nature Park.

About the Rodenbach afforestation project

The first noticeable damage to Rodenbach’s forest occurred after cyclones Burglind and Friederike in January 2018. Since 2022, DEUTIM has planted a variety of trees in addition to restoring natural species to build a mixed, more resilient forest. 

The project has been appraised and certified by TÜV Nord and the project’s data is transparent and available in real time using GPS technology. 

Furthermore, the Senken platform adds an additional layer of transparency and trust. By leveraging the blockchain's transparent and tamper-proof nature, it enables secure and immutable recording of carbon transactions, providing price visibility and reducing the risk of double-counting of these climate assets.

The passionate team leading DEUTIM

DEUTIM, established in 2020, has led numerous forestation projects in regional forests across Germany.

The founding team is made up of Carolin Guggemos, Alexander Guggemos and Josef Guggemos who are family, connected as married couple, brothers and in-laws. Carolin and Josef are running the daily business whilst Alexander acts as sparring partner in the background.

The team behind the Deutim carbon credit project with Senken

After many passionate discussions about their mutual love for German forests, and the urgent need to restore stretching bare areas in local forests, Carolin, Alexander and Josef landed on the idea to start a business in German forest conservation & CO2 storage together.

Carolin’s passion for the forest began as a child when her dad would take her on outings to collect mushrooms in local forests. Then, in recent years, she has spent most weekends exploring local forests with her own kids.

Carolin says that she is driven to protect and restore local forests so that our kids and grandchildren can experience the forest the same way that she did growing up. 

Similarly, Josef was closely connected to the forests growing up.

When he was young, he worked in his parents' sawmill and planted trees in the forest. The forest is now more than 30 years old and the trees are taller than him! Josef has seen how forest ecosystems have been affected by climate change: some forests can no longer function as they did 30 years ago and as a result, many monocultures must be converted into mixed forests. This adaptive-approach is what Josef finds most exciting about his work.

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