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Achieve net-zero goals and become a carbon removal pioneer. Develop and sell and/or buy and retire high-quality web3 carbon tokens. Simple, transparent and auditable.
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Carbon removal is inevitable

Our planet is broken. Immediate and decisive action on climate change is critical to our survival. 2021 global CO2 emissions rebounded from 2020 levels to 35GtCO2. Reaching a 1.5 pathway and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 will be critical to avoiding a climate catastrophe. Establishing a low-carbon economy is a key task for our society, as is building scalable infrastructure and impactful services to support this transformation.
That's why senken strives to reroute climate finance to the impactful stuff that permanently removes carbon from our atmosphere.

Taking climate action is good for business

The scientific, as well as the societal consensus to turn off the emission tap could not be clearer. Calls from investors, regulators, customers and employees for effective corporate climate action plans are growing louder. Companies can no longer afford to do nothing or run substandard climate action portfolios. Those who do not take climate protection measures today will lose out in the near future.
senken helps you invest easily, effectively, and transparently in the right, high-quality climate projects to exceed requirements and become a climate finance pioneer.

Simple and effective climate action

senken is your gateway to the web3 carbon ecosystem and the regenerative economy. Anyone with a wallet can purchase verified carbon tokens. Whether you are a corporate looking for carbon offset credits, an investor looking for ESG compliant asset classes, or an individual who wants to support projects in the most direct way. senken makes it easy to invest in reliable, transparent, and traceable carbon tokens.
Take action. Achieve your net-zero goals, offset your footprint, invest in high-quality carbon tokens, and support the planet with senken.

Fund carbon removal, offsets and
conservation with carbon tokens

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Our ecosystem

senken marketplace benefits

Easy Access

No barriers. No sign-up or subscription fees. We enable anyone, anywhere to buy, hold or retire carbon tokens transparently and verifiably.

Full transparency

Full data depth. Up to the sensor, if necessary. All relevant data is transparently stored and tracked in a distributed ledger.

Share effortlessly

Keep your organization in the loop. Inform about your climate commitment with an individualized public profile showcasing your impact.

Create and sell carbon tokens

We make selling carbon tokens easy. Do you have Verra-registered carbon removal credits? Bridge them into carbon tokens through Toucan to bring them on-chain and list them for sale and market them to anyone worldwide.
Are you a carbon removal company interested in tokenizing your climate performance? Let us know!

Neutralize your carbon footprint

Achieving climate commitments becomes more expensive, complex, and risky. We help you to access credible carbon tokens from high-impact carbon removal projects. Invest in cutting-edge carbon removal and high-quality carbon tokens, right from your dashboard. Browse projects, compare attributes, buy individual carbon tokens and in bulk, manage your portfolio and neutralize your carbon footprint transparently on-chain. Track and report on project impact.
Interested? We are launching soon and are curious about your expectations. Let's have a chat.

Fund frontier carbon removal that matters

Through our launchpad, anyone can support senken qualified early-stage carbon removal startups with upfront funding. Receive future vintages in return through a senken smart contract forward agreement. Be a pioneer investor and increase the likelihood that the world will have the portfolio of carbon removal solutions it needs. Back ideas that change the world.
Are you a carbon removal startup interested in new funding streams? Contact us!


Why investing in carbon tokens?

Atmospheric CO2 concentration keeps increasing. Establishing a low carbon economy is a key task for our society. With every carbon token you buy you support projects that actively sequester carbon and stabilize it into durable storage.

What are the benefits of carbon tokens?

Let's point to the elephant in the room: Crypto is no silver bullet. But it does have some answers to the current problems of carbon markets. With new transparent infrastructures, data-rich and auditable carbon tokens, new financing options for climate projects, and enough liquidity, you can create and attract more qualitative climate projects. This is good for the Voluntary Carbon Market and ultimately for all of us because carbon responsible companies avoid mediocre credits and invest in impactful stuff. 

What is regenerative finance all about?

In recent months, many startups, companies and individuals have been working on solutions related to climate change. Many consider themselves to be part of the emerging vertical Regenerative Finance. ReFi is concerned with creating systems that restore and maintain the physical resources essential for human well-being. The goal is to empower mission-driven communities with tech and finance to (1) stabilize the climate, by reducing and removing emissions through more efficient carbon market initiatives; (2) restore ecosystems, by cultivating and promoting biological diversity, and (3) institute social justice, by regenerating local economies rooted in communities of care. Check out RefiDAO for more information.

What are the advantages of senken?

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Not all carbon credits are created equal. We have develop stringent criteria to evaluate each project listed on Climate Impact X’s platforms, considering details on additionality, permanence risks and SDG impacts.

Transparency through technology

Aligning with global best-practices
We have established an International Advisory Council and are part of the Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets (TSVCM) and the Natural Climate Solutions Alliance. This aligns us with best practices on carbon market integrity and standards.)

Improve market access for buyers, by expanding the market through improved price transparency and market participation. Improve market access for project developers by reducing the cost of carbon credit origination. Improve market access for intermediaries by reducing transaction costs and providing additional liquidity. Strengthen the investment case for climate action by making the prices in the spot and futures market higher and more reliable, to the benefit of project developers and investors. Create new and viable asset classes for a broader audience by providing predictable returns on investment and including value protection for buyers and sellers, as compared to existing solutions offered by the VCM. Have clear safeguards to protect reputation and design legal processes for settling disputes.